Pachuca vs. Toluca confirmed settlements

series of grand finale from Opening of the tournament in 2022 from Liga MX is defined in Hidalgo Stadium. Obligation to return Pachuca vs. Tolucaan unprecedented duel for the title of champion of Mexico in football, confirmed the squads.

After the first stage, ‘Tuzos’ They grow on the traffic lights. With a 5-1 win, Pachuca has an advantage. Objectives of Romario Ibarra, Gustavo Cabral, mauritius isais Mr Nicholas Ibanezthey have ‘Tuzos’ near the title.

Nacho Ambriz, master of strategy | dictation

Win the championship Opening in 2022, Pachuca he would add his seventh championship and it would be the first trophy William Almada as a coach.

The squad he commanded Ignatius Ambriz they must win by four goals to tie the total, which would send the series to overtime, and if the tie continues, to penalty kicks.

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Pachuca vs. Toluca lineups

Pachuca: Oscar Ustari, Kevin Álvarez, Gustavo Cabral, Oscar Murillo, Mauricio Isais, Víctor Guzmán, Paulino De la Fuente, Luis Chávez, Romario Ibarra, Nicolás Ibáñez and Erick Sánchez.

Toluca: James Volpi, Raul Lopez, Valber Garden, Brian Angulo, Andrew Mosquera, Leonardo Fernandez, Marcel Ruiz, Jean Meneses, Fernando Navarro, Claudio Baeza and Carlos Gonzalez.

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