Pachuca qualifies after victory against Toluca in the first leg of the Apertura 2022 finals.

ESPN presents the notes Pachuca players received after the first 90 minutes of the Aperture 2022 final against Toluca

Pachuca won 1 to 5 Toluca on the pitch of the Nemesio Diez Stadium and led the celebration for his sixth championship at the Hidalgo Stadium, since the team he leads William Almada completely dominated the opponent, with a special emphasis on the Mexican trident pulling the strings in the center of the field, as well as Romario Ibarra on a global level.

Oscar Ustari (9)

archer of Pachuca he lived for the first time against Toluca, because Eric Sanchez Mr Luis Chavez they won the game from the midfield with multiple recoveries, with the outstanding work of Hidalgo’s defense. In the second period, he appeared twice with precise saves and ended the evening by saving a penalty at 90’+6.

Mauricio Isais (8.5)

In defensive work, he restrained attacks Leo Fernandez Mr Camilo Sanvezzo down the left flank in good fashion and also made it 4-0 thanks to a solo header inside the box against Toluca’s horrendous marking, which also marked his first Liga MX goal.

Oscar Murillo (8.5)

‘Muralla’ showed his nickname and gave his goalkeeper peace before several filtered balls that passed from the center of the pitch into his area.

Gustavo Cabral (8.5)

in the dumbbell with Murillo, the central defender was constantly under pressure from the Toluca striker, who suffered from shots on goal during the 90 minutes. In addition, he made it 2-0 thanks to an unusual strike on the edge of the small area against an aerial ball that he put in Victor Guzman that the local defense allowed it to circulate freely.

Kevin Alvarez (8.5)

The Mexican national side has completely dried up Jean Meneses and even caused the player to show signs of desperation in the face of the iron mark and several balls circling towards his part of the court.

Victor Guzman (9)

As an inside player on the left, the midfielder set conditions with the ball and cooperated with the flow of play towards the opposition box. In addition, ‘Pocho’ registered two assists to score one of the biggest goals in the first leg of the final in the Liga MX. He retired at 63′ for Israel Luna.

Luis Chavez (9)

As a nominal stopper, the Mexican played to the maximum for the first half hour and even committed a foul very close to the area that could have changed the course of the game, however, he took over his zone on the field and served as a leader in the defense to pull the team back.

Eric Sánchez (8)

It was surrounded by the Mexican trident in the center of the field Sánchez as an insider on the right side and stood out with precise passes and runs with the ball from the second period into the opponent’s area, such as the play on the first goal for which he assisted. Despite the above, his performance was marred by a penalty kick in the 90’+5, which Ustari eventually saved against Leo Fernández.

Romario Ibarra (9.5)

The Ecuadorian played 58 minutes and that was enough for him to become man of the match, thanks to a goal in the first half that put Toluca on the brink of collapse. retired for Aviles Hurtado.

Nicholas Ibanez (8)

Sagittarius on Liga MX He made the post inside the area and fired several times into the box before emerging with the fifth goal of the night Pachuca. He came on as a substitute in the 73rd for Illian Hernández.

Paulino de la Fuente (6)

The Spanish striker proved to be the weakest link in the attack Pachuca, as little of his football showed in the many options the team generated against the opposition frame. He left the field in 58′ instead of Javier López.


Aviles Hurtado (6)

The attacker entered Romario Ibarra in 58′ and his performance was inferior to the Ecuadorian, with less presence inside the field and rhythm in the match.

Javier Lopez (6.5)

‘Chofi’ saw action from 58′ Pavlina of Izvor and showed an interesting partnership with Érick Sánchez, as both players understand each other on the field.

Israeli manager (6)

The midfielder showed that he is not a player for such cases, since with his change, among other things, he only took away the starting eleven that dominated the duel to their heart’s content.

Ilian Hernandez (6)

He came on in the 73rd minute to rest Nicolás Ibáñez.

-With information from Sergio Dominguez

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