Pablo Lyle: The lawyers would already know how many years he will spend in prison

Recently, more information has been released about the case of Mexican actor Pablo Lyle, who was found guilty of manslaughter; But the actor’s defense requested a new trial in a Miami court.

This new court hearing will be presided over by District Judge Marisa Tinkler Méndez, which will take place on November 14; However, it is learned that Lyle’s legal team is in possession of a document listing the years of the actor’s sentence.

A new audience for Lyle

It should be noted that Lyle is currently still in jail awaiting sentencing by Judge Tinkler Mendez, where a pre-sentence report will also be released, which is under seal until November 14th.

“The pre-sentence report is under seal until the judge on November 14, when the next hearing will be, says Pablo Lyle. We know your lawyer already has it […] and they haven’t sent it to Pablo Lyle yet,” reported Sandra Hoyos for the Ventaneando show.

The case of Pablo Lyle

As a reminder, it has been more than three years until the trial of Pablo Lyle, now that wait is over after a judge from Miami, Florida found the Mexican actor guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter on October 4 because in 2019 the protagonist of soap operas like “Shadows of the Past” took is the life of Juan Ricardo Hernández.

This unfortunate event happened three years ago, when Pablo Lyle was on vacation with his family in the United States, and just as he was going to the airport, he had a car accident with Juan Ricardo Hernández, a Cuban who attacked his brother-in-law for made an improper incident behind the wheel, in alleged self-defense, Pablo hit a man.

A Mexican actor kidnapped Cuban Juan Ricardo Hernández from his life. PHOTO: AP


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