Out of bed, JLo turns up the heat with a little imagination

Apparently, Ben Affleck and JLo’s marriage is in crisis, due to various issues. Bennifer, who got married in mid-July in Las Vegas, and soon after traveled to Paris for a glorious honeymoon. On August 20, they officially celebrated their marriage in a glittering private wedding ceremony in the company of family and friends.

According to information from various sources, JLo and the actor are facing their first marital crisis. This October 26, the media filmed Affleck walking and drinking coffee in his neighborhood without his wedding ring, which immediately raised the alarm.

Yes good Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck very much in love in their newlywed photos, it seems the celebrity couple failed to complement each other. They are said to have faced several differences in recent weeks that have caused conflicts, leading to decisions such as the Batman actor not wearing his ring or leaving JLo to live in the huge mansion where they got married.

Recently, Jennifer Lopez She decided to make all her Instagram followers fall in love with her beauty. The 53-year-old singer and actress shone in stories on this social network, posing in a white lace ensemble and a huge smile.

The Bronx Diva, as they call her JLo Because of the city where she was born, she made it clear that she can live happily, giving herself love and driving the internet users crazy on the tiny camera social network, who certainly gave her all their love in the comments of her IG stories.

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