Ordinary chocolate: 3 brands that are dangerous to health, warns Profeco

Federal Office for Consumer Protection (Profeco) revealed the results of laboratory analysis of various brands of chocolate powder and bars sold in Mexico. IN Consumer Magazine from January 2022the institution explained that it had subjected 32 different products to the research: 12 chocolate tablets for the table, three chocolate-flavored tablets for the table, 10 chocolate powder and seven chocolate powder for preparation chocolate flavored drinks.

Profec explained that the general specifications for the labeling of prepackaged food and soft drinks were analyzed for each product; i know too analyzed the energy content of each product; amount of protein; sugar and fat. According to the report, among the irregularities found in analyzed chocolate brands contain fats that are not allowed, such as coconut oil or palm kernel oil (edible vegetable oil); others have less product than the label says, and some other brands have less sugar.

Many chocolates have excess calories. Photo: Pixabay

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3 brands of chocolate bars and powdered chocolate bars that are dangerous to health

Other irregularities that mislead the consumer are that they have excess calories and do not warn them, reject certain labels of nutritional value or properties, and other brands contain sweeteners and do not display a warning legend. These 3 brands of chocolate contain excess calories and do not warn:

  • Granny for table and powder.
  • Don Gustavo for table and powder.
  • Tavo chocolate powder.
Chocolate brands in Mexico. Photo: Prophecy

Among the products that do not comply with the standard in terms of declared net content are:

  • DOMAĆA MOCTEZUMA Table chocolate / 270 g. It had up to 6.5% less net content than declared.
  • ABUELITA Original Nestlé table chocolate / 270 g. It had up to 6.0% less net content than declared.
  • La Suiza Table Chocolate / 360 g. It had up to 4.2% less net content than declared.
  • precise taste of chocolate for the table / 200 g. It had up to 11.4% less net content than declared.
  • DON GUSTAVO Chocolate powder 25% less sugar than traditional chocolate powder / 250 g. It had up to 12.8% less net content than declared.

In order not to be deceived, Profeco recommends: read the labelmainly the nutritional declaration, check the expiration date, despite the fact that these are long-lasting products, under appropriate storage conditions, take into account that the sugar content and caloric intake in these products are high, and store the product in a closed container inside a cupboard or some other cool place, protected from light, away from heat sources and sudden temperature changes.


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