Ochoa interrupted his career and caused his departure from Trio, unfortunately he lost his life

The gatekeeper who died in oblivion;  Guillermo Ochoa ended his career
The gatekeeper who died in oblivion; Guillermo Ochoa ended his career

Unfortunately, many players who dream of coming to the World Cup and representing Mexico do not have the same media apparatus as other players, such as goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, who was shielded by the company that owns América, who knew how to arrange his media career so that the point is that he made millions with sponsors.

On the other side of the coin are several goalkeepers who fight and fight to have a chance. We are talking about the former player of the Mexican U20 national team, Alberto Gurrola, who was considered the new Jesús Corona, since he also emerged from Atlas and was looking for an opportunity in the senior team, but the lack of space due to the presence of the goalkeeper more media forced him to leave early retire from football.

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Unfortunately, Gurrola recently lost his life to a congenital disease at the age of 29, something that also caused an uproar among his relatives and players who had the opportunity to share the field with the Mexican goalkeeper who has contributed in recent years as a goalkeeping coach for the Mexican youth national teams.

Did Gurrola manage to reach the World Cup?

Alberto Gurrola played the World Cup with Mexico in the U20 category, where he had a great projection as a goalkeeper, but the lack of replacements in the Mexican national team, which averages its goalkeepers around 35 years old, made the Mexican goalkeeper have little chance to qualify for the World Cup in senior category.

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