Ochoa and her reaction after Wanda Espinosa’s burning request in the nets

Guillermo Ochoa / Wanda Espinosa
Guillermo Ochoa / Wanda Espinosa


William Ochoa is a leader Mexican team and like every captain he tried to find a quiet life off the field. But the pink press used to find a few scandals, as is the case with Russia in 2018, where he was caught at a party with other colleagues and 30 women.

Now, interestingly, it is not Ochoa who calls out the press, but Wanda Espinosa, a professional tattoo artist for various celebrities such as Celia Lora, as well as a model for the famous site ‘Onlyfans’. In an interview with Hirving Lozano, Espinosa left a message in the style of Jessica Soda.

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In an interview on the Elo podcast, the ‘Onlyfans’ model left a very tall tribute that we can say would leave him “happier than Mexico being world champions”. To which Guillermo Ochoa was tagged inside the post and in anticipation of what goalkeeper Tri would do.

Guillermo Ochoa’s reaction

Like any professional and family man, Guillermo Ochoa published a post on his Instagram in which he commented that he felt ready for a new challenge with the Mexican national team. No doubt, clearly showing his indifference to the model’s naughty proposal and leaving his current relationship in place.

A post by Guillermo Ochoa on Instagram.

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