Nubia Ramírez Villegas: Medicine helped me to be a better person and to develop resilience

My name is Nubia Eréndira Ramírez Villegas. Since I was little, I saw doctors as people who save lives and cure diseases, I always wondered how the medicines they prescribe work and how they know what to do in an emergency; Over time, my family had experiences where they needed help in terms of health, so I had growing doubts that I wanted to understand how to support them. When I started high school, I started to have more contact with the biological sciences and it was very interesting, I really liked it and it led to my decision to study medicine..

What inspires me to develop my career is my family, especially to my sister Daniela, because I like to explain to her the topics I see in class, so she learns a little about my field and it helps me understand the topics better; It also motivates me because one day I will put my clarity into practice teaching my patients how their body works and how they should take care of it.

My colleagues also inspire me because we support each other a lot, and the doctors I had as teachers They are very good people, they have a big heart and the warmth with which they treat students and patients motivates me to one day be like them.

As a human being, studying medicine helped me to be a better personit teaches us many values ​​such as empathy, respect and kindness, since in dealing with other people who turn to you for help, you have to put them into practice to make them feel better.

It’s amazing to me that there are more and more women in the medical field, for example in the hospital we see many female students and doctors trying to stand out and move forward; We need to change the idea that men were the only ones who could study medicine because women are very capable of doing anything, so opening our way is a huge victory for the feminist movement.

I would advise all women who are interested in studying medicine not to give up, they may have difficult moments when they feel tired, but all their efforts will be rewarded.always do your best, little by little we make our way and it is good that there are more and more doctors who are committed and devoted to the health of their patients.

One of the biggest achievements is that I was able to develop resilience because this race is a bit difficultbut it makes us improve as people and that’s why we have to recognize our emotions, learn to manage them and use them as a tool to move forward.

I am currently in my fourth year and I’m trying to live the university experience, so I focus on classes and make time to share moments with my family and friendsbecause it is important to have time for everything, to find a balance.

My short-term goal is to complete my internship at a hospital in Mexico City, as I want to get the most out of my studies; In the medium term, I hope to complete my residency exam and focus on internal medicine; and in the long term, I have the ideal of opening a clinic in the city I come from (San Agustín Buenavista, municipality of Soyaniquilpan, state of Mexico), because healthcare there is a bit inaccessible, so I want to contribute to society through my profession.

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