“No coach has gone through what I went through”

In his first statements, the strategist assured that he wants to return Chivas to the head of Mexican football, mostly for the sake of his fans.

Chivas I present Veljko Paunović as the new technical director, accompanied Amaury Vergaraclub owner i Ferdinand the Ironsports director of Guadalajara, who repeated about the Serbian “from the first moment when we were clean with the person we want, it is an exciting and passionate process”.

In his first statements, the strategist assured that he wanted to return to Chivas at the forefront of Mexican football, mainly because of its fans.

“Thank you family Chivasfamilies Vergara. A project to which we are all very happy to contribute. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to rebuild a club that has a fantastic history, that has a great legacy. Thank you for the opportunity and I promise to do my best to convince everyone, especially the players,” he said.

Paunović He asked to see beyond his numbers and reiterated that his first goal is to improve, and he hopes people share that, and he asked to see beyond the stats and see beyond the promise of titles.

“Success depends on how it is measured, even with numbers. There is subjectivity or perhaps one does not want to look a little further. Figures, depending on the environment and context, always vary, therefore, successes, what were the goals and where I was… No coach has gone through what I have gone through”, the coach is convinced.

The same way Veljko Paunovićhe talked about how complex his time in England was with the whole Readingwhere he revealed the problems the team had and that, despite the numbers not being expected, he achieved the goal.

“I don’t want to go back to the past, but we have to understand that in my last job, the club had problems with the embargo, the reduction of points, the club was in a dangerous situation due to relegation and disappearance, in an embargo situation it is difficult to work and coordinate, but we succeeded. We had great numbers, great improvements, one of the best starts in history Priorityit’s a fantastic league, great and I’m grateful Reading for the opportunity,” he concluded.

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