Ninel Conde raises the temperature with a shocking bikini under the sun

Count Ninelwho is also known in the artistic environment as “El Bombón Asesino”, has attracted attention on social networks in recent hours because published a video in which she lavished herself with beauty and sensuality Well, it turns out that she is a talented actress and singer showed off her statuesque figure sunbathing in a micro bikini with which she left all her fans speechlessAs expected, the entrepreneur also received hundreds of compliments, confirming her once again as one of the most beautiful women in the world of entertainment.

It was through his official Facebook profile where Count Ninel broadcast the video in question, which had the sole purpose of delighting the student of his more than seven million followers on this platform, who He showed off the impressive figure he achieved after a few weeks of a rigorous diet and exercise plan.

It is worth mentioning that the cute “Alma Rey” from “Rebelda” convinced that he sunbathed according to the doctor’s recommendationIn addition, by the way, it would serve to preserve the spectacular tan that characterizes her: “Now get some sun, vitamin D because the doctor says you have to,” are the words Ninel Conde uttered in her short video in which she was filmed lying on a bed.

Regarding shocking outfit with which Ninel Conde showed off her rounded silhouetteit was bold and tiny two-piece swimsuit in brown color, which in the bra part was just a few pieces of cloth held by a chain that was tied behind the neck, while on the inside the said garment was printed with different edges of different shades of coffee.

To complete your outfit, Ninel Conde used sunglasses and a beach hat with which she lost her style, In addition, she was seen wearing a gold bracelet which made her look more than slim as she accentuated her toned figure, highlighting her toned stomach that didn’t have an ounce of fat on it.

Despite Ninel Conde’s video being broadcast through her Facebook stories, it didn’t take long for the footage to reach other platforms and pages run by her fans, where the compliments didn’t wait and started coming in dozens: “You’re beautiful”, “Beautiful as always”, “True goddess” “Queen” and “Simply divine” were some of the compliments the OnlyFans star received.

This is the contrasting life of Ninel Conde

Currently, Ninel Conde is 46 years old and is going through an extraordinary moment in his artistic career Well, despite stepping away from acting, she managed to give her career as a singer a big boost, apart from that, she also proved herself to be a great business woman by launching her own makeup line and as if that wasn’t enough too she achieved great success with her breakthrough into OnlyFans where she reasserted herself as a sex symbol, however, everything his professional success is overshadowed by the fact that he cannot see his son Emmanuel eight years, at least the last two months because her ex-partner Giovanni Medina prevented her from doing so.

Ninel Conde continues to maintain the spectacular figure she became famous for just over two decades ago. Photo: IG: ninelconde

In this unfortunate situation, Ninel Conde was optimistic and she said she was convinced that this bad moment would be temporary and she announced on her social networks that she would go to the authorities again so that justice would be served and re-strengthen the relationship with her son who, as she admitted, was weakening because they could not live together as much as would like.


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