NFL Week 9 Betting Tips – 2022 Season

Want to bet on the NFL? We bring you the information you need. Any questions or comments can be left below the post or on Twitter at @AndresOrnelasH. I leave you with my 2022 NFL Week 9 betting tips. Let’s start!

Remember that the lines were calculated on the day the article was published. If you can’t find a line for one or more games, we’ll try to update on Friday or Saturday, depending on the information available.

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In the past week

Accumulated record at the moment:

  • Spread: 57-65 (view, other).
  • HIGH LOW: 65-52 (view, professional).
  • TOP 5: 21-23 (view, other).
  • Set of the week: 6-2
  • Surprise of the week: 6-2
  • Great teaser: 3-4-1

Results in props:

  • Tom Brady: 275.5+ passing yards: OK
  • Matthew Stafford: Under 255 passing yards: Correct
  • Brian Robinson: -56.5 rushing yards: correct
    • Props: 9-3
    • Game: 9-10

Glossary and Notes:

  • Locals appear first, and visitors later
  • ATS: against the spread (or odds)
  • YPP: yards per game
  • PPP: points per game
  • NYPP: Net Yards Per Play (Offensive Yards Per Play minus Defensive Yards Per Play) / This stat takes the “luck” out of turnovers
  • Games that start with an asterisk
  • they are the ones that count for the Top 5 section, and more information is given in the section of the same name For the purposes of this article, equipment that has bold

it is the one covering the spread and therefore the side I predict will win the bet, regardless of whether it wins or loses on the score

Here are my NFL Week 9 – Season 2022 betting tips.

weekly forecasts

Sunday, November 6

Washington Commanders vs Minnesota Vikings (-3.5, 43.5)

In the world of veteran bettors, the Vikings are an overrated team, as they’ve won a lot of one-possession games and their advanced numbers aren’t really wowing anyone. In a place where they could relax, against a home Commanders team that is resurgent because they believe in their new fullback, he is an automatic fullback for the Commanders. Prognosis:Commanders 21

Vikings 24 – ALTAS

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Carolina Panthers (+7.5, 42.5)

I’m not fascinated by the number, but I still have to take the Bengals, who were humiliated in prime time and are a good team, against a Panthers team that is definitely performing well and might be overrated by the public. The Bengals are superior to the Panthers in every way and need a win. Prognosis:Bengal girls 24 Panthers 17 – BAJAS /

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