New bet on rojiblanca? Fernando Hierro is the new candidate to lead Chivas

Liga Mx

Given the difficulty in convincing Alberto Celades, new potential names to lead the Flock continue to emerge.


Fernando Hierro understands that managing Chivas’ sports project is not an easy task, since he encountered many difficulties in finding the ideal coach to manage Guadalajara, includingand would analyze other strategists in case Albert Celades answered a resounding “no”.

For several days in Rebaño Pasión, we present to you that certain difficulties have arisen in order to convince the Iberian strategist to break the stone in Mexican football, for which he started introduce Amaury Vergara and the Council other candidates where one would come from Serbia.

One of Hierro’s bets would be captain Veljko Paunović, ESPN reveals, who during his football career played for Atletico Madrid, Hannover, Getafe, Oviedo, among many others, so that language would not be an obstacle for integration into national football.

Poll Who do you prefer as the coach of Chivas?

Who do you prefer as the coach of Chivas?


The European already has experience on the bench, as he also led young teams in his country he commands MLS’s Chicago Fire and Reading from England, so he could be the ace up the sleeve of the new director of Guadalajara.


What is known about Chivas’ pre-season?

Herd he will report on November 14 for medical and physical examinations; however, they did not release further details on the pre-season venue; however, a mini-tour of Spain is planned in early December where they will face Getafe and Athletic Bilbao, before returning to Mexico to play in the Sky Cup.

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