Neither Cabecita nor Zendejas, after the elimination with America, get the worst news

Zendeja and Glavica
Zendeja and Glavica

The tournament was over for America and although they were undoubtedly the best team in the entire regular season and breaking records, it was not enough for them to win the title and it turned into a resounding failure at Club America.

Despite not winning the title, they should be “calm” in America because they seem to be on the right track with a solid project and one of the best squads not only in the entire league, but also in the entire continent.

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The two players who provided an excellent tournament were the wings of the team, both Small head Rodriguez as Alexander Zendejas They were key pieces for America to experience the big moment, but bad news is coming for both.

Bad news for Cabecita and Zendejas.

Despite the spectacular tournament, it has been confirmed that Zendejas he will not go to the world championship neither with El Tri nor with the USA and with that news he joins Cabecita Rodríguez as two players who broke it in America, but who cannot play in the World Cup.

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