Neighbors wrote a letter to the girl asking her to keep the noise down when she’s doing something “delicious”

We know it’s sudden and for some it can be strange or even irritating to hear a couple doing ‘tasty’. Although yes, there are few who dare to tell them to turn down the noise. However, no one was as kind and asked them to make less noise than the group of neighbors that we will talk about on this occasion, because they wrote letter leaks to scream less when it comes to “fucking”… yes, just as you read.

According to local media, it all happened in the town of Elgoibar, a small municipality in the province of Gipuzkoa, which belongs to the Basque Country in Spain. It turns out that a group of people came together to write a rather interesting message with a special dedication for a young woman, who, for example, gets carried away when “moving the furniture” – if you know what we mean – and makes a lot of noisewhich created problems in coexistence between neighbors.

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A group of neighbors wrote a letter to the girl in which she asked her to turn down the sound when “fucking”

To convey how critical the girl’s situation is, the neighbors sent her this letter (which was apparently taped to the gate of the building where they all live) and in it actually they politely asked him to yell at him while he was doing “delicious”. The text begins with all people congratulating her on the full sex life she leads and as she was the only one they heard screaming, they decided to send her this message.

Later they told the young woman about it if their satisfaction was due to some electronic device, they thanked him if he forwarded the make and model LOL. Moreover, if the noise he makes is due to someone else, the neighborhood also congratulated him, despite suffering when they listen to her in the act of making love. Although yes, the note ends with an epic sentence that the protagonist of this case will surely never forget: “Long live sex, but shout a little less”. The entire letter is here so you can check it out for yourself.

It seems that the girl herself shared the letter on her social media and as expected, The picture quickly went viral on the Internet of Things, where many commented that in addition to envying her, they also mentioned that their neighbors played tricks on everything they wrote to her. We don’t know how this story ended, but let’s hope the young woman turns the volume down two notches while doing that famous ‘delishn’.

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