NEED FORWARD! A sad crop of Chivas scorers in the last decade

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Guadalajara has had a poor record in the last 10 years, with only two strikers surpassing a dozen goals in the tournament.


Historically, Chivas have had some of the best strikers Mexican football has produced in their ranks; however, for a decade now, the scoring quota of attackers who paraded in Jat is lower than expected, since in 20 tournaments only dplayers managed to score at least 10 goals in the half: Omar Bravo and Alan Pulido.

It is true that Guadalajara lived through the most complicated decade of the club’s history, since they were far from protagonists and even dealt with serious problems of percentages; however, Jato has not been able to find a decisive player in front of the opponent’s goal for a long time.

From the last 21 tournaments, the Perla de Occidente side tried several alternatives in the face of a lack of Mexican strikers, with the most notable exhibitions coming in the 2015 Apertura when Omar Bravo scored 10 goals on his own and later, in the 2019 opener, Alan Pulido did the same with 12 goals, thus becoming the top scorer.

Poll Who do you want to be Chivas’ starting striker in Clausura 2023?

Who do you want to be Chivas’ starting striker in Clausura 2023?


Now, The best net breaker in Guadalajara is Ángel Zaldivar, who scored a total of four goals throughout the entire Aperture 2022, a situation that reflects the urgency of the red and white team to find that lethal striker who radically increases Guadalajara’s aspirations to emerge victorious week after week.

Chivas top scorer of the tournament
Opening in 2022 Angel Zaldivar 4
Closing in 2022 Alexis Vega 6
Opening in 2021 Angel Zaldivar 4
Guard1anes 2021 Jose Juan Macias 6
Guard1anes 2020 Jose Juan Macias 6
*Closing in 2020 Jose Juan Macias 4
Opening in 2019 Alan Pulido 12
Closing in 2019 Alan Pulido 4
Opening in 2018 Angel Zaldivar 6
Closing in 2018 Alan Pulido 4
Opening in 2017 Rudolph Pizarro 5
Closing in 2017 Alan Pulido 7
Opening in 2016 Angel Zaldivar 5
Closing in 2016 Carlos Pena 7
Opening in 2015 Omar Bravo 10
Closing in 2015 Marko Fabijan 7
Opening in 2014 Omar Bravo 4
Closing in 2014 Omar Bravo 3
Opening in 2013 Rafael Marquez Lugo 3
Closing in 2013 Rafael Marquez Lugo 3
Opening in 2012 Rafael Marquez Lugo 3

* The tournament was interrupted on the 10th match day due to the outbreak of COVID-19

Who are the Jat attackers?

Currently, Krdo has several attackers such as Ángel Zaldívar, Santiago Ormeño, Alexis Vega and from the middle of Clausura 2023. José Juan Macías will join that list; However, various reports suggest that the board will analyze further options to strengthen the position, with names such as Eduardo Aguirre or Brandon Vázquez being mentioned.

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