Natalia Téllez and her desire to end monogamy in her relationship

Natalia Téllez testified that partnership agreements can be periodically reviewed depending on what those involved want or need (photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage).

Natalia Téllez said couples’ agreements can be periodically reviewed according to what those involved want or need (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage).

There are problems that are taken for granted in a relationship, such as monogamy. Although many things are changing and terms like “open relationship” and “polyamory” are becoming normalized, it is still difficult to talk about new love patterns, especially for women. For this reason, the recent statements of Natalija Téllez surprised many and gave so many reasons for conversation.

During the Netas Divinas television program, the 36-year-old Téllez stated without any shame that – at some point – she would like to break up the monogamous scheme she maintains in her relationship with her partner, professional photographer and music producer, Antonio Zabala. Together, Téllez and Zabala are the parents of a little girl, Emilia, who is almost a year old.

Also, the actress pointed out that – although they are not at that point yet – she would eventually like to have enough maturity to be able to change the rules of her game and experience new things. “You change the agreement in fidelity, in monogamy. Now I would like to think that in a certain time I might have the maturity to change the agreement; I have no idea how I will try to do this; My idea with Antonio would be to change the dynamic by being honest,” he explained.

For Natalija, it is important that both parties are involved in making such decisions as a couple. He bases his opinion on his own experience. “I think it’s about deals; my longest relationship was six years, almost seven, I think we were faithful and in the end we had enough honesty to say ‘what deal could we really get to make this work’ and the deal should have ended” , he indicated.

According to what Téllez told Paola Rojas, Consuelo Duval and Galilei Montijo in the program, it’s about anticipating something inevitable and accepting it with sincerity. “I believe if you change the fidelity contract, trying another one is something that will happen eventually. Contracts can be endless, where anyone can sleep with whoever they want or an open partner,” the actress told her co-stars.

While Téllez is very clear about how she would like things to be in the future, it’s worth remembering her words when she first opened up about her relationship with Zabala. “The relationship I have right now, which I think is the most genuine and healthy, and I’m very happy. First I said: ‘It’s calm’, I mean hooked… ‘where’s the adrenaline? Why do you always answer me? ‘…”, Natalija said.

Likewise, he said it was a problem that led to his therapy to find direction. “My therapist also said to me, ‘Why aren’t you enjoying a healthy relationship? You don’t need that rush of pure trouble and power play […] At the beginning of this relationship, I accept that I said, ‘Why is everything fine?’ And right now, the truth is, if they have already seen me, if they are following me (on the networks), I should let them go…”, he calculated.

Perhaps the arrival of Emilia and no doubt the experience that the years have given have made Téllez appreciate when something works and is positive, and that this does not necessarily mean that he has to be tied to traditions and behaviors that he believes could take away from their relationship. So, if there is someone interested in Natalia, know that maybe in the future, love between more than one of them could be possible.


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