Musk’s Hyperloop prototype will become a parking lot

The city council confirmed to Bloomberg that the old tunnel will be turned into a parking lot.

The city council confirmed to Bloomberg that the old tunnel will be turned into a parking lot.
Photography: Robyn Beck-Pool (Getty Images)

El hyperloop Elon Musk, allegedly a subway from the sci-fi future that ensures it it won’t floodhe came across with a big drawback. The inaugural Hyperloop tunnel, a prototype built in Hawthorne, Ill California, has been demolished and will be replaced by parking spaces for SpaceX employees.

Prototype tunnel Hyperloop it was about 1.6 kilometers long and 3.6 metros Wide, and was located near Hawthorne Municipal Airport, outside of Los Angeles. Precision Construction Services was one of the contractors on the tunnel, and owner Erik Wright received the news earlier in the that the tunnel would soon become a parking lot, according to Bloomberg. the middle too reported that as of last week, there is no sign of the tunnel in Hawthorne, and the local council has confirmed that the land will serve as parking spaces for SpaceX employees.

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While Bloomberg claims that the burying of the California tunnel is a sign of a Musk’s withdrawal from the hy conceptperloop, the death of one of your first attempts at building technology is not necessarily a sign ultimate death of his boring company. Earlier this year, the Boring Company scored a small victory in Las Vegas by winning approval from the local government to expand its network of tunnels under the city to total 54.7 kilometers. The company also outlined plans for 2021 to bring hyperloop a denim already Miami. The Boring Company also reported that it was appreciated in 5.675 millions fingerhomes earlier this year, although their actual product tesla driving through a tunnel rather than futuristic pods whizzing through the void as originally proposed.

On the other hand, iMusk is likely trying to move at least some of his core operations to Texas, so while the closure of the Hawthorne Tunnel is newsworthy, it shouldn’t seem so weird. My San Antonio reported earlier this year that Musk collection hundreds of millions of dollars in investment to create a new headquarters for the Boring Company in Pflugerville, a suburb of Austin, marking a clear departure from the old headquarters in Hawthorne. Another of Musk’s companies, SpaceX, has notoriously taken over a coastal community small mouthTexas, and they drink rumours about the possible relocation of your latest acquisition, Twitter, in the same state.

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