Monserrat Oliver asked Yolanda Andrade to “shut down” her statements

  • Oliver agreed to talk about his wife’s jealousy over Yolanda Andrada’s display of love.
  • The driver admitted that she tried to weigh Andrade’s words, but she didn’t seem to be paying much attention to him.

A love affair between Yolanda Andrada Mr Montserrat Oliver It’s not a secret for anyone, nor was that memory deeply embedded in Andrade, who says something about it every time he can. However, for several years now, it seems that these statements have gone too far and started to affect third parties.

Proof is Oliver’s recent confession in the show “Prva ruka” when she was questioned about her marriage to a model and photographer Yaya Kosikova. During a special event for a Mexican magazine, she was asked if Yaya was jealous of the show of love from Yolanda Andrada and she opened up by talking about her relationship with each of them.

When he mentioned Yaya, Montserrat Andrade She commented that “she has become an old woman too soon, she talks too much and without thinking. She is very impulsive, effusive and impulsive”. But in June 2020, TV Notas revealed that the driver and her now-wife have already faced problems due to Andrade’s views, and even a source we spoke with assured that Yaya he was to reveal the relationship between Andrade and Veronica Castro as part of revenge.

The driver and the model openly show their love on social networks

It is said that Andrade provoked Yaya's jealousy even before her marriage to Oliver

Oliver showed that he had problems with his wife because of Andrade, but that the photographer had already learned to deal with that problem. “Obviously Yes, I had a lot of problems that he didn’t like and all, but he had already learned to ignore them and let it go in one ear and out the other and try not to pay attention,” he said.

It was said that thanks to Yolanda Monserrat came out of the closet

Despite everything, the drivers are still great friends

Also, Montserrat He also spoke about the conversations he had with Yolanda Andrada eye. He commented that he asked him to weigh his statements and actions to avoid problems. “There are things I told Yolanda ‘Now go down three lines, please. I adore you, but three lines down’“.

Yaya and Monserrat got married in 2019

The presenters of “Prva ruka” recapitulated the latest scandal of Yolanda Andrada and that it is related to her alleged wedding with Veronica Castro. They even mentioned that the relationship between Andrade and Oliver could have ended because of the romance with the first actress.

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