Minute by minute; Checo Pérez in search of victory at the Mexican Grand Prix

It will be at 14:00 Central Time when the checkered flag will be raised at the Mexican Grand Prix where Checo Pérez will be looking for victory

21/71: The four best behind at 1.23. medium and low. All of a sudden they drop, all of a sudden they’re at 1.23.5 or 1.23.5. Verstappen has Hamilton under control and Checo Pérez Russell.

Now the Grand Prix is ​​entering a plateau. Everyone saves their tires and doesn’t attack because, too close to another car, it’s not just a loss of aerodynamic performance, it’s overheating of the brakes and engine.

Y Max Verstappen respond to bullying Mercedes and Hamilton, with a fastest lap of 15. Checo also had his best lap, so those red tires still have life.

Now, as the old motorsports adage goes, “It’s one thing to approach, it’s another to overtake.” Perhaps the RBs slowed down to extend the life of those reds, knowing they still had to defend if Mercedes attacked with DRS.

Lewis Hamilton, who has a medium tire, already has a better pace than Red bull which go on red tires. For Verstappen, that tire was the key to maintaining the first position. Czech 3 seconds from Hamilton and Russell approaches with a medium tire.

Well, there may not be as much head-to-head combat at the front (against the weather is another matter), but at the back, drivers and cars are fighting for every inch of the track. Obviously, the 2022 version of the F1 car performs better on the track. That was the goal of this new car and so far, after 19 races and in which we competed MexicoThey achieved their goal.

Hamilton now with the fastest lap in the fifth lap. Perez 1.1 seconds behind Mercedes. Russell P4, 2.2 behind Checo and with Sainz and Leclerc in hot pursuit. However Mercedes they looked tight and fast in the AHR.

Max Verstappentrue to his style, he has three fastest laps in a row. He runs away from Hamilton and Pérez, although Checo has a leg up for P2 if he can get onto the DRS recording of Hamilton’s Mercedes.

Max Verstappen withstood the Mercedes attack. Russell did not hold Hamilton and Pérez and the Mexican goes to third place. Verstappen, Hamilton, Pérez, only podium in 2021.


The cars are already in the formation circle…

Mexican national anthem in Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, yes in this edition Mexican Grand Prix, With a traditional Day of the Dead theme, they celebrate the 60th anniversary of the country’s first F1 race: 1962, unofficial and won Jim Clark. Unfortunately, Ricardo Rodríguez died on the Friday of that issue.

Max Verstappen it will start from the pole inwards Mexico. It is the first time that a Dutchman will start first in AHR. The driver who starts first has not won since then Lewis Hamilton in 2016, because there are a little more than 800 meters from the starting line to the first braking. This causes the cars behind to use the slipstream to gain more speed than the cars in front, making it very difficult to defend against so many attacks. only from 2017 to 2021 Charles Leclerc managed to protect his first starting position, the others lost it in the first turn. (there were no general practitioners in 2020).

Cars really suffer at altitude the city of Mexico, which is a real puzzle for engineers. On the one hand, everything needs to be cooled well, the brakes, the engine, the box, and that’s why cars have very wide openings on the car; there is also the aerodynamic load: due to the altitude, the air is not very dense and the car cannot work properly with that air, so cars have many wings, to compensate for this lack of density in the air – in other words, the car would be aerodynamically closer to the set for Monaco on Hungarybut for Spas on Monzaalthough The Rodriguez brothers it looks more like a Belgian or Italian track than Monaco.

Finally, a mechanical problem: the engines and turbos that have to be prepared for this altitude. The turbo helps a lot to compensate for the power loss of the naturally aspirated engine, but due to high temperatures and stress, it is common for the turbo to suffer and some teams have to limit its power to finish the race, Ferrari assures that they had to limit their potential.

Kevin Magnussen Reported car problem. apply Haas if there is a problem with the box. Lando Norris He also reported brake problems and even had his brake lock up on the installation circuit.

The pit lane is open and the cars are already leaving to take the starting position in Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

Breast strategy of Pirelli. C2, C3 and C4 tires. The middle tire is the key to the race, which is why teams have kept it around for quite a while.

The day came when Sergio Perez he will strive to make history in order to win Mexican Grand Prixan event that would be historic as he would become the first Mexican driver to win the race Formula 1 in the land.

Checo Pérez will start in fourth position on the second row, behind Mercedes from George Russell Mr Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen’s time was 1:17.775, while that of Czech Perez it was 1:18.128.

Max Verstappen He got his first pole for the Mexico City Grand Prix – in 2019 he was penalized and therefore started third. This will be the first time that ‘Mad Max’ has officially started from the first drawer of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrom.

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The last time poleman won in Mexico was in 2016, when he Lewis Hamilton He was the first to start and the first to finish. A year earlier, Nico Rosberg was also pole and winner; then Mercedes enjoyed good times.

Speaking of which Czech Perez and that fourth starting place, no one managed to win the fourth starting place. Hamilton and Verstappen, starting from third position, are the winners who returned to the top places to win at CDMX. Can Checo Pérez be the first Mexican to win at home, and the one to win further down the grid?

Sebastian Vettel He was the one who climbed the most positions, reaching fourth place, when he started from that box in 2018 and finished second. This will be the last Mexican GP for Vettel, who will leave F1 at the end of the year – for now.

Sergio Pérez is looking for second place in the championship; is below Charles Leclerc by two points, so a win would be essential to come with great chances in the last two races of the year: Brazil Mr Abu Dhabi.

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