Michelle Salas teaches us how to wear elephant leg pants in winter to make you look tall and skinny

Michelle Salas taught us an important fashion lesson, which is that she decided on the perfect outfit for that occasion to look slim but also tall, and the best part is that it has the perfect print that will be trending in the coming weeks, so let her suggestion inspire you with elephant leg pants to wear for the next few weeks.

When we thought that denim jeans would conquer the street style of this very cold season, the model reminds us that there are colors and cuts that will never go out of fashion, so we must invest in them to look very elegant every day.

Pants in which Michelle Salas has a perfect butt

The celebrity shared a photo on her Instagram profile in which she wears black and white pants with a jacket, with one of her favorite prints; mesh. On this occasion, she chose a sweater open in the front with a deep neckline, as well as dark glasses. We love how it looks!

Pants in which Michelle Salas has a perfect butt. Photo: IG

How to choose pants like Michelle Salas wears?

The first thing we need to know is that high-waist and wide-leg pants will be unmistakable, we will find them in different prints, colors, fabrics, falls, in short. The best of all is that in all its variants they will benefit you in the structure of your backside, so we suggest you use them.

Would you wear elephant leg pants in winter to look tall and skinny like Michelle Salas?

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