Michelle Rodríguez conquers in a gala dress and sends a strong message: “It was difficult for me to deal with my body”

Michelle Rodriguez andis one of the celebrities who broke all stereotypes, and at a recent event prisoner to his fans showing off ua formal dressbut not only that, she launched a strong message on social networks as she assures that today she is proud of herself and her figure, after many years it was hard to deal with his body because it does not go according to the requirements of the environment and society.

The television and theater star won the affection of the audience with her talent and charisma, which she showed in shows like “I’m falling off Risa”, led by Omar Pérez Reyes, known as Fais, and the series “40 y 20”, in which he shares the stage with Jorge “El burro” Van Rankin and Mauricio Garza; In addition, she successfully participated in the cinema with films such as: “How to cut your patán”, “Mirreyes vs Godínez”, “I take you with me”, for which she was nominated for Ariel, Without children” and “War of likes”.

Michelle Rodríguez wins in a gala dress

A ceremony was held a few days ago Metro Awards 2022the event was animated by actress Regina Blandón with interventions Michelle Rodriguezwho walked the red carpet with nightie who stood out in her body-hugging corset, embellished with an asymmetric skirt, which allowed her to show off her legs, and completed the look with white ankle boots and sparkly jewellery.

Michelle feels proud and happy with who she is. Photo: IG @michihart

The actress shared a series of photos of the event and her appearance on her Instagram profile, pictures that she accompanied with a strong message, making it clear that she is proud of her body, despite dealing with criticism for several years. , “don’t control the way I dress because it’s total and everyone loves it,” he began Rodríguez his text with which he published an outfit that caused thousands of positive comments.

“This years red carpet theme @losmetromx was #servistx @garconneterrible did a great job inspired by Mich playing flans and Lucerita, the rocker Mich wanting to be an artist with flowing skirts, Spectacular account necklaces and makeup. Almost everyone wants to be seen, heard and recognized, tonight it was my turn for you to look at me, recognize me,” added the host, who highlighted her message for using inclusive language.

Michelle also stated that it took her many years to deal with her body and what society expects and demands, and although on the night of The Metro Awards she heard many compliments and flattering comments from her peers in the media, for her the most important thing is in that she said to herself “wow I look spectacular”.

He assures that he has dealt with stereotypes for many years. Photo: IG @michihart

The actress also thanked the organizers of the ceremony for recognizing the cast and its protagonists and accompanying her in a career in which she herself had to see her character. “This is my body, the one that sings, the one that dances, the one that acts, the one that makes people laugh and the one that is tired of being recognized as ‘brave’ for many years because it shows what it is, today it feels comfortable and proud to be, exist and appear on the most important red carpet of the theater in Mexico, shining with her own essence, the smile of a woman who is proud and happy to do what she does, to be where she is and to be who she is,” she concluded. Rodríguez, launching a powerful message.

“A round of applause for Michu who continues to dream big,” wrote the actress born in Xochimilco, Mexico City, who established a successful career as a singer and comedian, in film, theater and television, and who never imagined that she would live for more than 15 years. when he ventured into the world of entertainment and began studying dubbing, speech and radio production; and who debuted on the small screen in 2012 in the telenovela “AmoresTrues”.


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