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Who is the better killer Michael Myers or Chucky? Both characters starred in great slasher classics and recently returned to the big screen, and at SensaCine Latam we tell you which is the best option to spend the creepy season.

The month of October was full of great releases both in cinemas and in them streaming. The most anticipated performances were performed by two of the most terrifying villains of the eighties. On the one hand, the fearsome Michael Myers has returned to the town of Haddonfield to continue his murderous spree and finally confronts Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in Halloween is endingwhile the Hackensacks were terrorized by deranged Chucky in his new series Star Plus.

But let’s see who is the better killer? During one of our segments called Pitch Wars, the SensaCine Latam team met to discuss which title is best to celebrate spooky season. On this occasion, Michael Myers and Chucky were our special guests.

David Gordon Green’s new film has divided fans as not everyone was convinced by the film’s outcome anyone who has closely followed the saga of Halloween and they saw all other sequelsI couldn’t ignore this title, as it is the closing of one of the most legendary slasher films, although we are sure this will not be the last.

Michael Myers appears in ‘The Bride of Chucky’s’ and you don’t remember.

On the other hand, the killer doll starred in his own series on Star Plus, which recently premiered its second season. And let’s face it, Chucky stopped scaring audiences because of the absurdity of watching a puppet kill people, but Don Mancini he did an outstanding job adding touches of comedy while making the scary Good Gay to become a fun character without abandoning his sinister side that he loved so much in the eighties.

Likewise, the scary doll is adapted to current situations where technology plays in its favor, because yes, Chucky drives Uber and knows how to use Facebook. In addition to opening the dialogue for current conversations like intolerance towards the LGBT+ community, the specter seems to be very visible harvest. Wasn’t he even accused of being a homophobe?

How is Michael better than Chucky? It must be admitted that both characters are used to exhaustion, but along the way they have gained a legion of fans from all generations. Each one managed to scare the audience in their own way without leaving aside the bloody deaths. In addition, their success was so great that they were soon to star in a movie together!

Star Plus

For the Chuky series, they continued to use animatronics as in the first film.

But we have to say it Form has a darker undertone, because it is a metaphor for evil and how society reacts to it, showing us that it just changes shape and can be in any, while Chucky is just a contrast between good and evil, where the soul of Charles Lee Ray manipulates others to satisfy his thirst for revenge. So for this occasion the killer created by John Carpenter won, he also has the most legendary Scream Queen, double award, right?

Universal Studios

Michael Myers appears without a mask for the first time.

Do you agree with our opinion? Halloween: The Last Night continues at Cinépolis and Cinemex, so you can still buy your tickets as Chucky just premiered its second season on Star Plus. Both are excellent options to spend this weekend.

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