Mexico, founder of the World CupMediotiempo

They must have passed 26 years since the foundation of FIFA in order to be able to organize First world cup. The fair that took place was that of Uruguay in 1930in which they participated 13 selectionsall by invitation, and one of them was i Mexico national teamwhich at that time was led by the Spanish coach Juan Luque de Serrallonga.

From 20 world championships which were organized until Russia 2018, that from Uruguay is he single it’s done without qualifying round. The 1930 World Cup was organized by FIFA and did not have the support of most European teams who refused to participate.

The countries were divided into four groups, one of four teams and three of three; Mexico appeared in Group A, along with Chile, France and Argentina, which was the nation that took first place in the sector, moving into the final stage.

The Mexico national team finished in fourth place with three defeats: against France 4-1, Chile 3-0 and against Argentina 6-3, finishing with zero points and a nine-goal margin against, marking his second worst performancejust behind what was done in in 1978where they ended up zero units and 10 goals against.

One of the most prominent stories of the Mexican team in this one world was the one of Manuel Rosas Sanchez, who was called up as a defender, and thus played in the first two matches of Tri against France and Chile. However, for the last match against the Albiceleste, the Spanish strategist decided to put him in the place of the scorer and he was the first Mexican player to turn a doubleheader into a World Cup doubleheader, scoring the first from a penalty in the 42nd minute and the second from a free kick in the 65th minute.

Juan Carreno Laraa football player who defended his entire career for Atlanta, was in charge the first to score a World Cup goal for the Tricolore. He did it in the 70th minute in the debut match against the French national team, in which they lost 4-1.

Participating teams in Uruguay in 1930 they were: Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, NOW, France, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Uruguay Mr Yugoslavia.

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