Mexican model of health, unique in the world: Jorge Alcocer

New model from Public health in Mexico it does not exist anywhere else in the world, it is made for Mexicans and when unified, it will achieve comprehensive free care without collection boxes, with drug supply and staff coverage, the secretary said Health, Jorge Alcocer.

During the surveillance visit IMSS-Dobrobit in Sonorain front of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorthe federal minister of health assured that the new scheme “is part of the federalization of health, in cooperation with state and municipal health authorities to transfer services in health centers and hospitals to IMSS-Wellness.”

Alcocer Varela He assures that the challenge is “not small”, because it is necessary to break the funding structures, the negative voices, the ways of thinking imposed by the neoliberal system in favor of those who profit from the disease.

“We are facing a historic challenge because, without a doubt, progress is being made towards a health system that today recognizes people as human beings, as subjects of rights, and not as marketable objects, which does not dehumanize with illness, but humanizes with its personal contact with respect,” he added. is.

The head of health explained that it involves four basic actions, such as coverage of 1,765 residency positions in the country; access to free medicines and supplies for the entire population.

He announced that now medicines and consumables are bought from suppliers, and not from distributors, because “another corruption has occurred”.

In August 2021, 1,902 supply keys were awarded for 2022, equivalent to 2,603 ​​million pieces of medicine, with significant savings for the entire sector of 22 billion pesos last year. In the fiscal year 2022, progress in the procurement of medicines and medicinal materials is 97 percent.

The third point is the restoration of the medical infrastructure. He pointed out that out of 327 units that did not work in 2018, 143 units were put back into operation; and 114 health centers and 60 hospitals are in the process of being renovated and equipped.

Another task, said the secretary, is to unify prevention, care and rehabilitation, along with the provision of services based on the primary health care model, so that the population can receive care in their own communities. This requires “increasing skilled human staff with recruitment and job baseization to expand and consolidate the workforce with better working conditions,” he said.

He said that through service transfer actions in 14 entities, 340 hospitals and 4,687 units of the first level were inspected, in which 1,147 public servants participated, in order to check the time required for their rehabilitation and funds for investment.

At the end, he specified that the health system for which it is Government of Mexico it is focused on humanist values ​​and the fundamental principle of social justice, with the goal that people have access to services that are universal and free anywhere, even in the most remote parts of the country, not just in the city.

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