Medical students organize a national strike in defense of a detained doctor

“We call on all internal doctors and physicians, as well as all other interested members of the healthcare field, not to remain silent and to join these national strike activities on the occasion of Doctors’ Day, this Sunday. 23, 2022,” they explained in a press release.

On October 18, a doctor from the National Polytechnic Institute, Fernando Agustín Villalobos Ramírez, who was interning at the regional hospital ISSSTE “October 1”, was arrested for allegedly stealing medical supplies.

Two days later, the Institute reported that it remains with the complaint against the doctor and will confirm it before the State Attorney’s Office (FGR) on Monday, October 24 at the latest.

Groups of doctors in training rejected this position of the ISSSTE and called for demonstrations against it.

“We are stigmatized, criminalized, abused and called thieves. So we will take October 23rd as the day when doctors unanimously shouted: ‘Enough is enough!’ Once again, we will not allow our rights to continue to be violated, nor will the study of medicine pose a risk to our integrity or our lives,” they added.

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