Medical students from UAS won the 2022 National Award for Social Service

Social service providers Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS) they are rewarded National award for social service 2022for brilliant project development “School and health, multidisciplinary actions for primary education students from Culiacán, Navolat and Mazatlán”a fact that fills the institution with pride and confirms what has been said that in this academic unit doctors are educated in a quality, ethical and humanistic manner, pointed out Luis Alberto González García.

The Director of Medicine pointed out that this award was given in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, by the Interuniversity Commission for Social Service, and was received by Julio Bañuelos Ríos, on behalf of his teammates Natalia Espinoza Ríos and Merid Rebeca. Ramos Ibáñez, young people who, during the year in which this final period of their careers lasts, implemented their project aimed at preventing and improving the health of a large group of children from Sinaloa.

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“It is a great pride for us because we know the quality of the people we have as students, the Faculty of Medicine has shown this throughout its history since its foundation 45 years ago, but above all it indicates that we are doing good, quality work. This has a lot to do with the quality of our boys, the desire and love they have for their profession, but also with how the Autonomous University of Sinaloa has always directed its policy towards improvement and self-evaluation processes.”he emphasized.

For her part, Natalia Espinoza Ríos, one of the winners of this recognition, announced that this project was very fruitful in her academic development, because she worked with children from 35 schools in three municipalities in the country, where the assumption was always to direct them to prevention and preservation of health, as several points were discussed, from the care of COVID-19, to issues related to good nutrition.

Also, Merid Rebeca Ramos Ibáñez noted that it was a source of great pride for them to receive this national award, not only because it recognized their work that they did exhaustively even in that difficult period of the pandemic that they went through, but also because it is a testimony of the contribution they make in the region to the timely detection of infant health issues.

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It is a pleasure, it is a pride that our work has been recognized, because it is a very important aspect to work with health, to promote health in primary education, so it was also a challenge because during the pandemic we started in a virtual way to completely move, trying to get there on the best way for us to start working”, concluded.

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