Media offensive on the truth


in the media offensive to divert the Commission for Truth and Access to Justice from the case of Ayotzinapa (Covaj) became international this week with the publication in The New York Times an obviously biased text with the aim of distorting the facts in order to disqualify the Commission, and especially its leader, the Undersecretary for Human Rights, Population and Migration of the Ministry of the Interior, Alejandro Encinas. The bad intention of the report is such that it gives more credibility to an individual like Tomás Zerón de Lucio and even insinuates his innocence, although the facts point to him as one of the most responsible for the fact that to this day it is impossible to know the whereabouts of 43 young people from the village normal school Raúl Isidro Burgos disappeared on the night of September 26, 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero.

The publication of a New York newspaper with a global reach is part of the trail of the putschist international media apparatus that seeks to support and strengthen the Mexican right with slander or half-truths about the efforts of the federal authorities in solving crimes, prosecuting justice and access to the truth, as well as the transformations taking place in the economic sphere, especially in the regulation power industry and building energy sovereignty. How virulent these attacks can be, as well as their extremely political motivation, is an example of a report by a British weekly The Economist titled Mexico’s false messiahwhich was published only 10 days before the 2021 mid-term parliamentary elections.

It is known that disinformation and installing convenient stories for oligarchic interests (public and private) are among the primary functions of these media, as happened with their role of justifying neo-colonial aggression against Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya; with the destabilization of democratically elected Latin American governments and the creation of an environment conducive to coups directed or supported by Washington and, at this point, with the ongoing distortion of the chain of events that led to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In the Mexican case, there is a kind of constellation in which such media merge with certain interests, which can be governmental (such as the agenda of the Cuban-American extreme right against any sign of progressivism in the hemisphere) or corporate (such as transnational corporations who want to recover their commercial letter in order to plunder the country’s natural and fiscal resources). The third element of this association consists of a group of Mexican opponents who are dedicated to poisoning the image of the federal government abroad and trying to cause conflicts in Mexico’s relations with the West by waving flags that are historically foreign to the right, such as feminism, environmental protection and human rights, but to which it resorts for the purpose of attack.

One can speak of a circular operation: the vernacular commentocracy exploits the space opened up by the big media to encourage itself and public figures to interfere in the internal affairs of Mexico, and then uses that interference as if it were confirmation goal of his dirty campaigns inside the country. Thus, in order to promote the return of the collusion of political and media power, opponents are offered as instruments of interference.

In his work, Covaj faces all this external fire, but there are also reasons to assume internal incompetence, information leakage, possible sabotage, poorly integrated preliminary investigations, counterproductive actions for the investigation and all kinds of reluctance of the prosecutor. , courts, state governments and perhaps even federal executive officials who want to wreck efforts to resolve the Ayotzinap case. In this scenario, we hope that the Commission will be strengthened and supported to successfully carry out its task, a task in which the parents of the victims and those who accompanied them during these years must always be listened to, without paying much attention to the voices that only want to instrumentalize the tragedy for unspeakable purposes.

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