Max Verstappen, Checo Pérez and Red Bull boycott Sky Sports at the Mexican Grand Prix

Red Bull are totally partying after the Mexican GP as they closed a wonderful weekend: Max Verstappen the winner and Checo Pérez reclaim second place in the drivers’ championship.

It was a remarkable weekend for the Austrian team as Max Verstappen took his 14th win of the season, something that no other pilot in history got it.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, with Checo Pérez’s third place at the Mexican Grand Prix, they took another step to do something they had never done as a team.

Well, Red Bull in its history within Formula 1, they were never able to get their two drivers to go 1-2 in the Drivers’ Championshipbut this 2022 they could achieve it.

The thing is that with all that – which is already a serious blow to Ferrari and all the drivers – at the top they decided to troll a British media outlet leaving them speechless after the Mexican Grand Prix.

Max Versatppen, Checo Pérez and Red Bull boycott the British media

Red Bull was doing well, Felipe and tennis afterwards victory for Max, third place for Checo Pérez and constructors’ titleand when it was their turn to speak with the press… they agreed, although not with everyone.

Sit down, grab some popcorn because the gossip is getting good. Yes, they spoke with journalists, less with the media and is that the entire Red Bull entourage decided to bypass Sky Sports.

That’s right, from Max Verstappen, Checo Pérez, team boss Chris Horner and even advisor Helmut Marko; all, chose not to respond to Sky Sportswho was speechless after the Mexican Grand Prix.

Well, it all started at the Austin Grand Prix a few days ago. Ted Kravitz, pit lane reporter for Sky Sportshe made some comments that did not sit well with Red Bull.

Well, said Lewis Hamilton They “stole” the eighth championship from the British last season in Abu Dhabiwhich apparently the English media didn’t forget and it still hurts… uuuuuuups.

Sky Sports remained without statements, but It was not only the British version of the media that suffered this boycott, but all international editions… either all tails or all tails, Red Bull said.

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