Max Verstappen and Red Bull have vetoed the middle Sky Sports halftime

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Title of Max Verstappen in Formula 1 achieved in 2021, then the first in his career, he gained some “enemies” in the media, but so far Red Bull Racing has banned Sky Sports for an indefinite periodcategory official.

Middle Sports mail reports that the Austrian F1 team will no longer give interviews and statements for the mentioned media nor its international affiliates since the Mexican Grand Prix that took place this Sunday.

The Verstappen’s problem with Sky comes from the comments of pit reporter Ted Kravitz, during the 2022 United States GP, who openly said that last year’s Max crown was a “robbery” of Lewis Hamilton, the British Mercedes driver who is known to enjoy the advantage of the aforementioned means of communication.

The Dutchman outclassed his most famous rival in the closing stages of last week’s American Grand Prix to secure his thirteenth victory of the 2022 season – which already sees him claim his second crown – and secure the constructors’ title for Red. Bull.

Speaking after the event, Kravitz mentioned the controversial 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and expressed his belief that it was ultimately Verstappen’s car that made the difference between the two giants of the sport.

“(Hamilton) hasn’t won a race all year, and he’s finally going back to a track where he could win the first race of the year, fighting the same guy who won the race they robbed the year beforeand manages to finish ahead of him,” said the Sky reporter.

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