Marion Reimers responded to criticism: “Go to therapy”

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Marion Reimers had a heated argument with your partner Omar Zeron during the live broadcast on TNT Sports. Criticism was not long in coming. against the communicator, for what, swent to defend himself in social networks.

Network users gave everything Reimersincluding your name It was a trend for many hours.

journalist used his Twitter account inviting “misogynists” to come to therapyand, and therefore, stop blaming the woman, in this case, her in her fight with Zerona.

The fight between Reimers and Zerón

Analyzed TNT Sports table striker Erling Haaland And then the debate between the former TV Azteca and the former Fox Sports heated up.

Omar Zerón asked not to conduct “cheap polemics” and at that moment Marion Reimers exploded asking us not to be disrespectful.

“Forgive me! What are you telling me? Don’t disrespect me. And don’t interfere (Murguíji). Don’t belittle me and if you don’t like it, don’t come. You wanted a scholarship from the beginning of the program, why don’t you go“, was the controversial answer

visibly confused, Zerón pointed out that at no point was he rude.

Before things got out of hand Ricardo Murguía intervened and sent the second leg.

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