Mariana Seoane talks about the health crisis that surprised her “it surfaced suddenly”

Mariana Seoane He admitted that the health diagnosis rocked his world. The 46-year-old Mexican actress and singer admits that she is facing a health crisis that surprised her, reports Univision.

“This 2022 was a year of very good things and other not so good things in terms of health, but we continued,” he said in an interview with the program First hand. Soap star like Until the end of the world Mr Lord of the heavens He did not reveal the illness he was suffering from, but said it was “something that came out of nowhere”.

However, he maintains a positive attitude. “I’ll be fine, let’s go,” he added. Seoane admits that talking about it affects her. “How do I see myself? I’m nervous, so much light, so many questions at the same time, it’s complicated, it’s not easy,” she said.

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Seoane said he is “not yet” receiving treatment. In his Instagram Stories, he shared a message that made his followers think.

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“When you are organized and in control of everything that needs to be done, it is much easier to be calm and trust God,” says his message.

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The interpreter of “La malquerida” also shared the proverb “a prudent man remains calm”.

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