Man missing for 30 years in Romania; reappears with the same clothes

Disappearance of Vasile Gorgos caused confusion throughout Romania, since for 30 years it was impossible to know the whereabouts of this rancher. His family left him for dead.
But one afternoon he arrived home wearing the same clothes he had disappeared with in 1991; he was disoriented and did not remember anything about himself and his family.

He told his relatives that he had to go on a business trip. However, he never returned.

No trace

It was a busy morning, as was old Gorgos’ routine, since he was dedicated to selling cattle and had to travel constantly to do his job.

On the very day in 1991, when Gorgos disappeared, he received an invitation to move to another city for work, but he made it clear that he would be back in a few hours, which did not happen.

At the moment, it is not yet known who exactly received such a call, it is only certain that the man left home to take the train, as he had done before, but this time he had the misfortune of not returning home, as the media reports. edition of ‘RadioEasy Bacau’ speaks.

There were days, weeks, months and long years of searching for the Gorgos family; At first they hoped to find him alive, but anxiety took over the circle of the elderly person’s family, because of which faith was lost along with him.

Despite efforts, the search was unsuccessful and the family eventually handed him over for dead.

In view of this, the neighbors and acquaintances of the Romanian rancher were paid various tributes, assuming that the man would never return, writes the media ‘ETV Bacau’.


Three decades later, on August 29, 2021, when the man was 93 years old, he returned, disoriented, remembering nothing and wearing the same clothes he was wearing the day he was last heard from.

The car is to blame for leaving the man in front of his house, the same one where he lived before leaving.

The relatives could not believe what was happening; The moment was surrounded by emotions, but also by numerous questions that were immediately put to the old man.

One of the doubts that tormented the Gorgos family the most for 30 years was where he was, which is why they asked him where he was all that time. The man answered it, very sure, in his house, which made it even stranger.

On the other hand, other things that caught his attention was what was found in his pockets: a train ticket for the Ploieşti – Bacău line, from the day he lost communication.

According to ‘ETV Bacau’, someone probably picked him up and took him home.

His relatives took him to the hospital to have medical examinations and confirm that he is in good health. Apart from some neurological problems, the experts did not find any kind of change. In fact, they claimed that it was in perfect condition, as if they had taken special care of it.

no replies

After they appeared, all Gorgos’ relatives tried to get answers to so many questions that arise even today, because the grandfather had the same clothes, was perfectly groomed and groomed, had a train ticket and claimed that he was always there. there.

Until now, and not even a year after it appeared, it was not possible to find the license plates of the vehicle that transported Gorgos to his house, nor could it be determined where he was all that time. The more questions, the fewer answers.

His case is an unsolved mystery and even different kinds of hypotheses have emerged, like a possible experiment.

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