Madonna sparks controversy by inhaling a possible drug called ‘poppers’ | Video

In recent days, Madonna has grabbed the headlines for 30th anniversary of his music album Erotica, as well as for publishing a controversial book SEX and for being openly gay.

Now, the queen of pop’s new controversy has arisen due to the fact that she is in a video on TikTok appeared inhaling what appeared to be ‘poppers’.

The moment was captured during a live broadcast from influential person Terry Joe.

In the video The ‘Vogue’ translator can be seen sitting in front of the camera while her assistants groom her.

Later in the video, Madonna is seen receiving a vial that is placed directly into her nose to inhale its contents.

“These are poppers?” asks the influential person.

While the singer replies: “Wow, no! I am a Christian.”

Although the video shows Madonna having a fit of laughter, denying that she took a breath poppers, There were reactions on social networks.

Among the comments of Internet users, there are those who applauded the action and others who criticized the queen of pop and TikTok for allowing the inhalation of sex drugs during a live broadcast.

It notes that these products can cause serious adverse health effects, including death.

“There has been an increase in deaths and hospitalizations due to problems such as severe headaches, dizziness, fever, difficulty breathing, extreme drops in blood pressure, problems with oxygen in the blood (methemoglobinemia) and brain death after ingestion or inhalation of nitrites. poppers“, stated the US agency.

(With information from Christian Granados)

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