Luis Suárez: “I am completely grateful”

Luis Suárez spoke after winning the Uruguayan championship with Nacional, leaving statements of joy for the goal achieved and assuring that it was his last game with the tricolor jersey.

Asked about his feelings after winning the title, he said: “Obviously, I feel happy, grateful. I believe that every effort has its reward and I believe that this spectacular group, which has made a great sacrifice since the beginning of the year, with the new coach, who received criticism , who had a hard time at one point, today he gets an award for rebellion, for a strong group.. I think that there were players in this team who were small, but they kept a great commitment. It leaves me feeling like I took the right step and makes me very happy to end up like this“.

Pistolero reflected on the way he approached the game and the nerves a player with his experience can feel: “Jay, sometimes your anxiety, even if you’re 35 years old, can play out and make bad decisions. But experience and hierarchy allows you to take that responsibility and realize that sometimes you don’t have to be that good and that it’s more important to be there, in an area, where you know how to be better, and be strong.”

The Nacional fan returned, once again, to show his immense affection for the legendary striker and ask him to stay. About this possibility, Suárez assured: “I’ve already said it from the beginning, people have given me a lot of love and they keep showing me a lot of gratitude for being here again. I came for them, I enjoyed myself and I have no other way to thank them than on the field. It was a well-rounded, perfect night, with performances that people wanted. Today I am completely grateful“.

On how he felt after becoming champions again with the club he loves, Suárez said he was “happy and proud to have taken the right step” and that “celebrating with my people and my family is priceless”.

Ultimately, Lucho valued his time at Nacional as preparation for the World Cup: “You have to have the mentality and professionalism yourself. I had to put pressure on myself to try to show that I’m still worth it and have the possibility to play another World Cup with Uruguay”.

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