LMP: Mazatlan deer mascot’s outraged “show” in which he recreates the murder of Jeffrey Dahmer | News from Mexico

MAZATLAN, Mexico-. Last Thursday, in the last game of the series LMP between Mazatlan deer Mr The Eagles of Mexicalithe Sinaloa team’s mascot imitated a psychopathic killer Jeffrey Dahmerwhich has a series on Netflix.

Venny“, the mascot of Venados de Mazatlán, took advantage of the fame of the series Netflix which deals with the life of Jeffrey Dahmer, in which he recreated the famous serial killer and his crimes.

In front of more than 4,000 fans watching a baseball game at Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, the local team’s mascot dressed in Jeffrey Dahmerwith its characteristics glasses i.a a large fake knife in the back pocket.

In a video that has been circulating on social media, “Venny“was with another pet and took his hand, while in another video he appears throwing parts of his costume black bagimitating the killing in which dismembered to his victim.

LMP fans are outraged on social media

After the “Memes LaMP” account shared the video on their social networks, several Mexican baseball fans disturbing Mr questioned this type of play, because few children go to stadiums.

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