Lips also age: How to care for them?

‘Regardless of age, all lips can be improved and treated with hyaluronic acid. In good hands, it is a natural, harmonious and effective treatment’

Skin care and aesthetic medicine are becoming an important pillar of our lifestyle. The stereotype of aesthetic medicine related to permanent and excessive treatments has disappeared. Today we are talking about aesthetic medicine, which is also preventive, where the most important thing is to respect the seal of identity, i.e. it does not strive for transformation but beautification, aging is not denied but ‘good aging’ is sought using treatments that our body reabsorbs over time, treatments that stimulate collagen stimulation and elastin in our skin.

And within the various areas of the face and body that can be covered in aesthetic medicine, the lips are gaining more and more importance. Reason? The influence they have on the harmony of our facial anatomy.

In aesthetic dermatology, we divide the face into three thirds (upper, middle and lower), this segmentation helps us plan different treatments. The main structure in the lower third is the lips, regardless of whether they are thin or thick. This means that the way we take care of them will affect the overall appearance of our face.

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Is it necessary to take care of the lips?

When we combine aesthetic medicine and lips in the same phrase, we immediately think of a treatment to increase volume, but this is not so. Lips, like the rest of the face, have their own aging process and this affects the appearance of other signs such as the well-known ‘bar code’ and even ‘marionette wrinkles’. Lip tissue becomes thinner over time, and depending on the lifestyle, habits and genetic predisposition of each of them, they can represent dehydration, asymmetry or disproportionately reduce their volume compared to the rest of the facial anatomy. Text Description automatically generated

The most characteristic features of lip aging are:

  • Upper lip lengthening: thinner lips with loss of volume and a barcode appearance (vertical lines above the lip).

  • Lowering and thinning of the corners, which eventually gives a concave expression to the lips at rest.

  • Cheek slackness contributes to the aging of the entire perilabial area, which eventually accentuates nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

How to get healthy lips?

Regardless of age, all lips can be improved and treated with injected hyaluronic acid, a substance that is present in our body and that helps us create collagen, while maintaining an optimal level of moisture in the skin.

There are numerous types of hyaluronic acid, which, depending on the plan, the area to be treated and the injection technique, give us different characteristics. To maintain and restore the texture, juiciness and hydration of the lips without changing their shape or adding volume, it is enough to treat the area with one type of hyaluronic acid of very low density, that is, the one that moisturizes and hydrates the tissues. You can start with an annual treatment, then postpone it every year and a half, and then maintain it according to the need and assessment of the patient.

As a final detail, in order for each agreed treatment to have a greater and better result, daily skin care with appropriate cosmetics is necessary. Unlike the rest of the face, the lips do not require several steps or the application of various products for proper care, only good hydration (Vaseline, Letibalm or cocoa bars) and protection from the sun is required. Lips are one of the areas of the body that are most prone to dryness, because unlike other parts of the body, they do not produce natural lubrication, so we have to apply it.

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About Dr. Dannija Shannen:

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