La Jornada – Stoppages in medicine and the end of FES Aragón

La Jornada newspaper
Tuesday, November 1, 2022, p. twenty

With the resolution of their petitions, the students of the Medical School of Aragon and the Faculty of Advanced Studies (FES) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) ended their suspension and returned to classes yesterday, Monday.

In the first, agreements were reached regarding the forms of academic evaluation in departmental exams. To enhance learning, each department will provide students with a collection of teaching materials they have.

It was also agreed to strengthen mental health services for the Faculty of Medicine community, through virtual workshops and at the psychiatry clinic on campus.

Regarding violence and complaints, the authorities have promised a closer relationship with students, as well as providing them with information and support for filing complaints.

In Aragon, the suspension that was supposed to last 72 hours was extended by 25 days. Agreements between students and authorities are related to issues of transportation, security, against gender violence, budget and student canteens.

The general dialogue tables began on October 12; then the specific ones for each race were set and the delivery of the facilities was arranged last Saturday.

In the agreements with the Faculty of Medicine, a section on “teacher evaluation” is included, where it is proposed to conduct courses for professors on evaluation methods and random visits to classrooms, in order to determine the deficiencies and needs of teachers and students.

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