La Jornada – Mexico, a “unique country” in the world for investment, says Ana Botín

Boadilla del Monte, Spain. Mexico is a “unique” country in the world for investment, and the fiscal policies it implemented after the pandemic and in the face of inflationary pressures make it a place in the world where the conditions for injecting capital are unsurpassed, assured Ana Botín, president of Santander.

At a press conference held as part of the XIX Santander Latin America Meeting, which is being held in Spain, the president of the bank internationally highlighted the good behavior that Mexico has done in the face of the crisis, and also highlighted the advantages of the peso as a global currency.

It was also revealed that Santander’s decision to exit the process of buying Citibanamex was due to the fact that the Spanish financial institution believes that it has what it takes to grow autonomously in the country without the need to execute any transaction.

“Mexico is one of the most attractive countries in the world… we see more and more foreign investment, it will increase, it will grow… Mexico has high levels of employment, there is a very important opportunity for the country in the coming years,” said Botín.

He mentioned that the peso, together with the Brazilian real, has appreciated 5 percent so far this year and despite the current context, and also highlighted the fiscal policy implemented in 2020, the macroeconomic balance that was achieved in 2021, and the surplus (when revenue exceeds government spending) of 1.3 percent as a share in gross domestic product (GDP).

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