Kpop idol killed in stampede in Itaewon

Idol of KPop Unfortunately, he died after being trapped in a stampede that took place in Itaewon on Halloween night, you left more than 150 muertos.

And he too actor He was known for his participation in the survival program «Production 101: Season 2“, where he participated with several idols such as Park Heeseok, Jo Jinhyung and Kim Dohyun.

The fatal event happened last October 29after that in the night with Halloween about 100,000 people gathered in a popular part of the city of Seoul, called Itaewon. There was a stampede in that area in which, due to the large number of people in the town and the limited space, 150 people died of cardiac arrest.

The deceased responded to the name Lee Jihan and I only had 25 yearshis close friends, friends who were lucky enough to work with him on the show «Production 101: Season 2«the other relatives are also very touched because they did not expect such a sudden news of his death.

fans Kpop Those who remember him with great love on social networks, publishing various photos and messages dedicated to him, are also devastated, since they considered him A wanted idol with a lot of potential in the industry and an excellent actor.

Next will be his funeral November 1where it is expected to give him several idols and followers last goodbye.

May Lee Jihan rest in peace.

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