Know the words Antonio de la Rúa used to describe his former partner Shakira

Shakira is one of the most important singers in Latin America and has managed to overcome borders thanks to her talent and beauty. The Colombian artist may be at her best at work with her latest releases, but not personally, as she leaves behind her divorce from Gerard Piqué and has to deal with her father’s hospitalization. The one who reappeared in the life of the interpreter of ‘Eyes like these’ is her ex-boyfriend, Antonio De la Rúa who described it in five words and caused surprise.

days for Shakira Personally, they are not very good, given that a few days ago it was confirmed that his 91-year-old father, William Mebarak, had a relapse of a neurological disease and was hospitalized. A few months ago, he fell at home and because of that he kept the singer on edge. We must add to this that he is fighting with the Spanish Ministry of Finance, where he has to go to trial for tax evasion.

Shakira is in the best moment of her career. Source Instagram @shakiramedia

On the other hand, artistically, the present of Shakira, because thanks to the latest release called ‘Monotonia’, they ranked it among the most listened to. In addition, the hit ‘Te congratulations’ with Rau Alejandro was nominated for song of the year at the Latin Grammy. The striking thing about these songs is that they hint at Gerard Piqué.

In the last few hours, the news that the ex-boyfriend of ShakiraAntonio de la Rúa reappeared in his life, writing to him for a reunion. On this occasion, the son of the former Argentine president admitted what he said to her while they were still in a relationship: “I am very much in love with her and, like most, I am thinking about starting a family. She is beautiful, but down-to-earth, modest and approachable.”

For Antonio de la Rú, Shakira was the love of his life. Source Instagram @shakirambebarak_

Shakira Mr Antonio de la Rúa They met when the 2000s began, since then the singer began to gain more popularity. Although the Argentinian businessman proposed to her, she rejected the request because she felt affection for Gerard Piqué. Although at one point it was said that he would be her manager in later years, the former couple condemned each other.

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