Klopp’s surprising reaction after seeing Lozano enter the Anfield stadium

Klopp's reaction after seeing Lozano at Liverpool
Klopp’s reaction after seeing Lozano at Liverpool

Liverpool and Napoli closed the UEFA Champions League Group A day in which the Italian side started already qualified for the round of 16. Jürgen Klopp, the coach of the English team had a surprising gesture when Napoli entered the Anfield stadium.

Klopp walked up to the substitutes’ entrance and clapped as the players entered, including Hirving Lozano. The German coach knew how to recognize that the Napoli team beat them very well in the first game and rightly deserved the first place in the group.

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On the other hand, Jürgen Klopp is no stranger to Hirving Lozano’s name. As reported by The Athletic portal, Liverpool named the Mexican striker as an option, but they analyzed that the price that Napoli set for him was very high.

How much is Napoli asking for Hirving Lozano?

Hirving Lozano would be valued at more than 50 million euros, as revealed by La Gazzetta dello Sports. Napoli’s goal is to sell the Mexican striker at a higher price than they bought him, as this way they would recover the heavy investment made in Chucky.

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