King Carlos III and a special levy at lunchtime

King Charles III may have only recently ascended the throne, but the truth is that the prince has been around for many years, and certainly more than enough time to develop some special dietary requirements.

The King Charles III He will be crowned in May next year, but until then he must perform the functions of his investiture, since the monarchy and its obligations do not end.

His investiture of the prince of wales she was admitted in 1958 and since then had to work to maintain her mother’s rule Queen Isabel IIso far it suits him, but aside from the duties, everyone wants to know more about this new top monarch, so for that reason we leave you with other tips about his eating habits.

King Charles III at the end of every meal he eats oatmeal cookies with cheese, but the specialty does not come in the quantity or brand, but in the temperature of those cookies, which must be determined for the king to enjoy them and, if these are correct, those degrees are lost, the staff is waiting with a tray to warm them up.

In addition, King Charles IIIhe always has a special box in which he transports, if he has to travel, his 6 favorite types of honey, from which he chooses muesli and dried fruit of his choice at breakfast time.

Graham Newboulda former member of the royal staff, revealed this information, published in the media Perfil, and also stated that the monarch’s daily breakfast consists, in addition to honey and muesli, of homemade bread, a bowl of fresh fruit and juices.

King Carlos III and a special levy at lunchtime. Source: Unilever Food Solutions.

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