Kate Middleton and the mini witch dress I use for Halloween

Yes, the royals are crazy about parties too, or do you think they miss out on the fun, the answer is no and Kate Middleton before she became part of the royal family there was one chica like any other, she had fun disguised and she had a good time, although she delighted us with her way of dressing, elegant and classy, ​​like a future queen, but you won’t believe that she didn’t there were times when he took risks And what better way to wrap yourself in daring halloween outfitwhere everything goes.

fans The Princess of Wales always shares her latest outfitsBut when the celebration approaches Day of the Dead and Halloween share several images of Kate Middleton he was imprisoned in black mini dress and thigh-high boots. In the various photos you have seen in this sensual silver print garment, dark nailssilver belt ia cap black, with a bag that doesn’t match, because it’s pink Barbicore.

Kate Middleton wears long earrings and loose hair in waves, of course discreet makeup, as the future queen always used it. In one of the photos, she appears posing with a man, perhaps a friend or admirer, and near her sister Pippa in an orange dress, stockings, a belt and a black bolero. Also with loose hair and discreet make-up. The sisters were very cheerful and fun at this party which, according to the fans, was in 2007, i.e. 4 years before Kate will marry William, the heir to the British throne.

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Sisters pretend they went to a costume party, Well, both had defined eyes in the photo for the post as well, which is dated October 31, 2007. Some of the fans mentioned that the royal family and her sister made a good fit, others that the photos might be from a photo studio, and some that it’s just assembly. Another mentioned that they don’t have privacy and another that they do Kate and Pippa were always cute.

Carole Middleton grows her own pumpkins for these dates

Carole Middleton, mother of Kate Middleton, celebrates Halloween with her grandchildren. She and her grandchildren, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ children George, 9, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4, and Pippa Middleton and James Matthews’ children Arthur, three, Grace, one, to decorate pumpkins. Little Rose, born last June, won’t be able to, as she is very small, but Carole has plans for her, with a beautiful costume.

She revealed herself through the Instagram profile of her company Party Pieces. Dressed casually in a horizontal striped turtleneck and jeans, she revealed that the pumpkins in question were not just any pumpkins, but grown in her own garden at the Berkshire family home where Carole lives with husband Michael Middleton.

And in its networks in its store, it has everything for these dates, which in several places begin in October and end on November 3, in countries like Mexico. There are all kinds of costumes, ornaments, spectacular decorations, cutlery, plates, glasses, not only for this date but for every special occasion, because the Middletons knew how to capitalize their money and are now multimillionaires.

Carole Middleton (67) also has a lot of experience in organizing children’s parties, not only because she was a mother of three, but also because of her role as a costume and decoration entrepreneur for children’s parties. At Christmas, he asks them for help decorating pine trees as a family, and at Easter, he usually organizes an egg hunt in the garden of his house with the little ones.

The whole family lives near her house: Pippa with her husband and children just opened a house in the area, and also Kate with Prince William and their children. Their neighborhood is also recent, being almost new to Windsor after moving to Adelaide Cottage from their flat in London’s Kensington Palace.

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