“Karely Ruiz ruined my marriage”: a woman assures that she ended her 20-year relationship with the influencer

The model celebrated her 22nd birthday on October 28.  (Instagram photo: @karelyruiz)
The model celebrated her 22nd birthday on October 28. (Instagram photo: @karelyruiz)

Once more Karely Ruiz positioned herself among the main trends social networks, but not for a hot post on them Instagram or a certain experience, but because of the accusations made against him by a mysterious woman. According to Mrs. their 20-year marriage ended because of the influencer and model Just fansbecause she found “evidence” on her ex-husband’s phone that caused irreconcilable differences.

In the last few hours, an interview by a tiktoker has gone viral @icefire_oficial performed on a woman near the Cultural Complex Carmen from Tehuacan, Pueblo. To begin with, the lady told something about her personal life, from the profession she would like her son to study, to the “crystal generation”, but undoubtedly what caught the attention of Internet users the most was her testimony about their divorce, as it surprisingly included an influential the person of that moment.

Karely Ruiz ruined my marriage because I found her photos on my ex-husband’s phone, because we broke up. I complained to him, but he told me that she was famous, I don’t know what, but we broke up because of Karely Ruiz.

His statements surprised the tiktoker who tried to find out what the real responsibility of the model would be in that love triangle, since it should be remembered that Karely sells exclusive content on Just fans and he constantly posts photos and videos of scantily clad people on his social networks, so many have access to his materials.

The model has
The model has “problems” with flirting because she “imposes a lot”. (Photo: Instagram/@karelyruiz)

Faced with this great unknown, the woman said that she could not see if there had been a conversation between her ex-partner and the influencer: “Well, I don’t know if they texted each other, but there were photos of her naked. photos on the phone.

Although at the beginning of the interview he hinted that I didn’t know Karely Ruizafter telling what allegedly happened in his marriage, he commented that at some point he heard that the model likes older men, so he has no doubt that the 50-year-old ex was attracted to him: “If he could have noticed my husband“.

He constantly posts content on his social networks.  (Photo: Instagram/@karelyruiz)
He constantly posts content on his social networks. (Photo: Instagram/@karelyruiz)

We broke up… 20 years of marriage because of her, so on her conscience, a marriage of 20 years was destroyed.

Until now, Karely Ruiz has remained aloof from the situation and the credibility of the testimony of a woman whose name and wife are unknown is not known. However, the interview flooded social media, where several netizens took the lady’s accusations with humor, since her partner probably had photos of the model like many other people.

(Photo: Instagram/@karelyruiz)
(Photo: Instagram/@karelyruiz)

“Kareli Ruiz from her home: ‘I didn’t even find them, and they divorced’“. “I’m not laughing because it could easily be my mom“. Karely was an excuse, nothing more! they have already brought theirs”. “I require a photograph of the husband.” – I don’t want to laugh, but madam, don’t exaggerate. “It’s a joke, right?” “Mark Karela, let him take responsibility.” – Karely has a great influence. “I gave my husband a towel and a blanket from Karely,” read some comments.

It was in the dynamics of questions and answers from the invited Confession night which is usually done in Instagram, where the influencer revealed that men don’t propose dates – even though she’s interested – when she goes out for a night out. In this context, one follower admitted that he wanted to invite her, but he couldn’t because he was imposing a lot on him.

“Will it be? It often happens to me in clubs men don’t approach me out of fear or I don’t know whythe one who wants to flirt aaaaa but the women will, they arrive alone”, he replied to the follower.


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