Jürgen Damm has indicated where he will play next

Jürgen Damm hinted at his next destination on his social networks.

Damm wants to continue in America.
© Image 7Damm wants to continue in America.

A 1-1 draw at the Estadio Azteca against Toluca in the second leg of the Liguilla semi-final that led to elimination, following a 2-1 first leg defeat at the Estadio Nemesio Diez, put an end to a new year of frustration for America. Since 2018, he has not reached the long-awaited championship title.

As is usually the case with failure, issues that did not work well are analyzed and discussed. Because of this, two players would leave who, despite the good results of the half-year until the clash with the Red Devils, were always under the magnifying glass of the Azulcrema’s demanding gaze.

The names in question are Miguel Layún and Juergen Damm, whose contract expires in December of this year. While the right back has a chance to go to MLS, the winger could end up there juarez, according to what this media published a few days ago.

Damm’s suggestive post on Facebook

However, the former Tigres’ idea is to stay in Los Millonetas. He said it on his Facebook profile, where he revealed his trophy room with an empty space: “If it is God’s will, that space is destined for 14”. He wants to stay at any cost!

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