juices that help eliminate accumulated feces naturally

Colon cleansing is essential to leading a healthy life, as this organ is known as the colon and is considered the second brain of the body. According to Medline Plus, the US National Library of Medicine, The large intestine is part of the digestive system and is a long, hollow tube at the end of the digestive system, where the body produces and stores stool.

When this process is disrupted, many disorders can occur that can affect the ability to function properly, such as colorectal cancer, colon polyps, ulcerative colitis, constipation, diverticulitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

In this way, it is necessary to detoxify the organism, and it is ideal to do it at least twice a year. do this, Alternative medicine offers various natural methods that help to quickly expel toxins from the body. An effective way to do this is with natural detox drinks.

Because of the above, a specialized magazine better with health, points out that the green juice of aloe vera, cucumber and apple has the ability to detoxify the colon. As such, its ingredients purify and make gut health healthier.


  • A slice of pineapple.
  • Half a cucumber with skin.
  • A small apple (preferably green).
  • Half of aloe vera or aloe vera leaf.


  • At first, the ingredients must be washed well and then cut into small pieces.
  • Immediately, Mix all products in a blender together with orange juice and a glass of water for processing.
  • It is ideal to get a liquid drink so that the body can digest it more easily. Experts advise drinking this juice on an empty stomach and in the afternoon, seven days in a row.

Another ideal drink for eliminating accumulated feces in the large intestine is the red juice that has diuretic and antioxidant properties. The following is required for its preparation:


  • 6 strawberries.
  • A slice of natural pineapple.
  • A spoonful of fresh parsley.


  • Strawberries should be washed very well and the stem should be removed. Then cut them into small pieces, just like a pineapple.
  • Then mix all the products in a blender with a little water and mix until you get a homogeneous mixture. This should be consumed once a day, preferably before breakfast, for a week.

Among the options for colon detoxification is lemon juice, which helps keep this organ healthy and helps prevent digestive system diseases. Just squeeze a lemon and mix the juice with half a glass of warm water. It is recommended to drink before going to bed.

Precautions to be taken

When doing a colon cleanse, it is important to keep some points in mind such as the following:

  • Avoid dairy products and irritating foods.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • After the process, follow a diet rich in fiber, as this nutrient allows the movement of food residues through your digestive tract, thus helping to keep the colon clean.
  • Carry out a regular exercise routine as this allows for an increase in blood flow and circulation, and makes the digestive system receive more oxygen.

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