Judith Velasco: the beautiful actress of Files Cinema who ended her life in the worst way

Call Files Cinema gave the opportunity to many foreign stars to shine on the big screen, as is the case with Judith Velasco, beautiful actress originally from Cuba, which unfortunately decided to end his life in the worst waybecause forgetfulness and depression led her to throw herself on the subway tracks, after being one of the big figures and on television in programs like “Ambrose’s carbine“.

Judith María Velasco Herrera, known in the art world only as Judith Velasco, was born in Havana, Cuba on March 11, 1939. She arrived in Mexico in the early 1960s and belonged to the “Rodney” group of dancers that also featured actress Teresita Miranda, who years later became the wife of Xavier López “Chabel”, who actually formed a good friendship with his partner’s friend.

Judita was one of the most beautiful vedettes of that time. Photo: Special

Judith Velasco ended her life

Few years ago, “chabelo” he explained that it was about one of his friends Velasco who, after she lost her job, tried to support her by engaging her in a new television project, but he did not succeed. In the show “The story behind the myth”, the actor reminded Judith and how he spent weekends in the house he shared with Teresa, since they were on excellent terms.

who saw star and actress In her last days, they say, she had no desire to work and felt very lonely, so she locked herself in her apartment in the Valle neighborhood, from where she left on the morning of February 16, 1994, only to enter the División del Stanica Norte, where ended his life throwing himself onto the subway tracks. His body could only be identified by his National Actors Association (ANDA) credentials, and in fact it was his companions who arranged for his transfer to the crypt, since no one claimed him.

The actress decided to end her life by throwing herself onto the subway tracks. Photo: Special

His time in film and television in Mexico

Judith She started her career in our country as a dancer in renowned night clubs such as: La Fuente, El Señorial, La Concha, El Patio, Los Globos and Terraza Casino; but it was her beauty and talent for acting and dancing that soon led her to the big screen, where she worked in about 20 films, many of which were within the so-called Files Cinemawhich had its heyday between the 70s and 80s.

Some of his most famous films are: “The Vampires of Coyoacán” (1974), “Bellas de noche” (1975), “El minister y yo” (1976), where he shared the credits with Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, “Mexican Picardy II” (1980), “The Clean Stick” (1989) and “Deadly Roulette” (1990). She was also an actress in soap operas such as: “Madres egoístas” (1991), “When the Children Go” (1983), “El medio pelo” (1980) and “Viviana” (1978).

His first foray into television was in the 1960s in various comedy shows, most of which were produced by producer Humberto Navarro, such as “El Show de Bartolo” with the singer Enrique Guzman. In 1978, he started working on “Ambrose’s carbine“, but years later she was replaced by Lucila Mariscal. Those who knew her say that in those days she began to show symptoms of sadness and depression, and from that moment she faced unemployment and loneliness, because Velasco She suffered rejection from producers and businessmen who no longer hired her.


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