Joaquin Phoenix: What is the reason for the scar on the upper lip of the Joker actor?

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​undoubtedly an outstanding actor as he has a unique talent. This made him an Oscar winner after 4 nominations. In addition, the artist has a Grammy, a BAFTA and the “Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival” award. Among his most memorable roles are: Theodore Twombly, in “Her”; Emperor Comodo, in “Gladiator”; and Arthur Fleck, d Joker. One of the characteristic features Phoenix is his scar on his upper lip, today we will know the origin of this.

The actor, who is the brother of actresses Rain, Summer and Liberty Phoenix and actor River Phoenix; He started his career with him. Yes good Joaquin Phoenix He participated in numerous films such as “Signs”, “The Village”, “Hotel Rwanda”, “She” and “You were never really here”; The film for which he became world famous was “Joker”.

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