Jlo has officially responded to rumors of a divorce with Ben Affleck

Popular American singer, dancer and actress Jennifer Lopez, also known as Eat, she officially responded indirectly to the rumors pointing to the alleged breakup of her marriage with the American actor, screenwriter, director and film producer Ben Affleck.

In recent weeks, constant rumors about a possible divorce or breakup between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are undoubtedly one of the most popular and commented topics. social networks.

The couple have known each other for more than two decades, even long before they got married they were already in a relationship. However, things did not work out at the time and the two went their separate ways, both personally and professionally.

the year had to come in 2022 for the couple to turn and connect. Breaking up ‘Diva from the Bronx’ with a baseball player Alex Rodriguez The Puerto Rican-born star began agreeing to date and even marry his ex-lover.

There were even two weddings, and despite everything going perfectly in the beginning, problems and disagreements would begin to change the peace they eventually had.

In a wave of rumors, it appeared that Ben does not live with the artist either, and that she even set a number of conditions for him to be able to return to the villa they currently share in the country Georgia, United States of America.

But Jennifer indirectly informed what is currently happening in her marriage, and to the surprise of many, the star let us know that the two are living together again.

We were able to corroborate this with one of his recent posts in his official report on Instagram, when the interpreter of ‘Let’s get Loud’ he described the anecdote and agreed that they still lived in the same house in Georgia and were together.

With this, Jennifer Lopez she confirmed to us that the rumors are now false, and that her marriage with Ben Affleck This is still a fact and will be for some time.

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