Jin from BTS was attacked at the airport in Korea, what happened?

Fans who went to see Jin to the airport in Incheon, Korea, have been heavily criticized for not respecting the safe distance.

When the stars Kpop finish their activities outside the country and return, usually the airport is full of fans waiting to greet them. This case happened recently with Jin, when he returned from Argentina.

There are a lot of negative comments towards the fans for not taking into account the distance, despite what happened a few days ago in Itaewon.

Many fans were worried, hundreds of fans were waiting at the airport. In the beginning, everything seemed controlled, because they had barriers that allowed the artist to leave in peace. Jin He looked exhausted, he had just made his debut in Argentina and despite that he took the time to greet the fans, but when he was near the exit, the barriers disappeared and the crowd was on top of the artist. The artist’s security was heard asking for them to be removed, but to no avail.

After leaving the airport, he entered the vehicle that they also followed. The videos were posted on social media and there were many critical comments about the fans’ attitude.

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